Review On “The Bread And Bretzel Basket”

Hey Everyone!  Today I am doing a review on The Bread And Bretzel Basket.

The Bread And Bretzel Basket is a bakery\cafe, they have pretzels, cookies, bread, cakes, chocolate, etc.  They are located on 255 Toll Gate Boulevard Waterloo, ON N2L 4M3 Canada.

The Bread And Bretzle Basket was originally a family run bakery, but in the past few years they have started to hire other people.

I love this bakery, even though it isn’t as fancy as Sorelle And Co.

In the summer I bike here if I want a tasty snack! If you can’t tell already, this is one of my favourite bakeries!

The Bread And Bretzle Basket also has many tasty chocolates and cakes!  Not to mention their bread (it’s one of my favourite places to get bread from)

Here is picture of some of the types of desserts they sell.


I personally think The Bread And Bretzel Basket is WAY better than Sorel and Co.  because they use natural ingredients and the stuff isn’t as expensive.

There is also a nice sitting area for anyone who would like to get soup or a sandwich (they also sell things like that) for lunch and want to stay and sit down to eat!

I rate this bakery 7/10! I very highly recommend the Bread And Bretzle Basket for anyone wanting to go out to a nice casual bakery\cafe!



Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

Just remember baking can be hard, but I know you can do it!





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