Things to Stick to When You Start Baking

Hello everyone, today I am going to give you a few guidelines that you might find useful when you first start baking.

First I suggest following the recipe exactly.  Trust me, if you don’t you will probably end up with something too lumpy, runny, salty, sweet, thick, etc.  And we all know nobody wants to eat something that doesn’t taste good.

Another suggestion is to bake easy things such as cookies, muffins, banana bread, etc. These yummy treats are not only easy to make, they are also fun to make!  If you have siblings, I’m sure that they will gobble up what you baked before you know it! 😉

Try to bake with someone who knows how to bake. I learned how to bake by apprenticing with my mom, my grandmas, my older sister, and my older brother (who is now more interested in tinkering with his engines).  Anyway, it is always good to bake with someone who has more experience because you can always learn something new!

Bake as much as you can!  Practice makes perfect, so just keep trying!  You will get better eventually!  When I first started out, almost none of my cookies or cakes looked or tasted like I wanted them to.  But I kept practicing and now I can make all sorts of things and most of the time they taste great (if I do say so myself)!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog!  Keep baking! 😉

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