A HandFull Of Cakes

Hello everyone!  Today I am going to be showing you some cakes that my siblings, cousins, grandma, friends and I have made throughout the years.


Her is a chocolate ganache cake that I made!  It is rainbow on the inside with sprinkles! Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 1.20.08 PM


Let’s start the party with a dangerously delicious LION cake. I didn’t make this one on my own; it was actually my younger brother’s birthday cake.  My grandma (she is amazing at baking and decorating cakes) made the cake, but we all did a little bit of work to decorate it.IMG_4684.JPG



How about getting a little fancy with a purple mirror cake? I made this beautiful mirror cake by myself and I think it turned out pretty well.DSC_0424.jpg



What do you guys think about one little piggy? Here is a pig cake made by my cousin Chloe (she is really good at cake decorating to) and my grandma.IMG_0818



Lets have some fun with a little lamb! I decorated this cake by myself and I really like it!IMG_4741.JPG



Let’s try not to get wet as we checkout this beautiful waterfall cake made by my sister Anna, my cousin Chloe, our friend Katarina, and I.IMG_6926-1.JPG

If you guys want any tutorials on how to make these cakes just comment below to let me know.   I will also be adding more cakes to this post as I make more!


Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I hope you like these cakes!


Just remember, baking takes lots of practice and nobody can do it perfectly the first try!;)








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