Review On Sorelle

Yesterday my mom and I went to Toronto and planned to check out some of the city’s best bakeries!  However we only ended up going to one…

Our first stop was Sorelle and Co.’s Yorkville location.  Sorelle and Co. is a vegan bakery in Toronto (I am not vegan I just wanted to try this place out).IMG_7061.JPGHere I am just outside of Sorelle.

The shop’s decor is pretty and you feel like you’re out for high tea.  As soon as we entered  I saw tonnes of amazing yummy looking desserts.  Here are a few pictures.

Looks yummy right! Well it turns out that they also sell other vegan food too: salads, soups, sandwiches, etc.  There wasn’t a lot to choose from, so we decided on a salad for lunch and for dessert I got a chocolate donut covered in caramel (picture in top right corner) and my mom got a mousse (picture bottom right).  We decided to eat the salad first.  Something about the salad tasted a bit strange, so I moved on to my dessert.

Here is a picture taken right after we ate that salad and were eating dessert.IMG_7057

The donut’s texture was more like a cake than a donut.  The mousse tasted kind of chemically, which makes me wonder what they used instead of gelatine to get it to set.  Overall we found the desserts were just too sweet and we couldn’t finish them.

After leaving the bakery we decided to go clothes shopping before checking out the next bakery on our list.  A little while later I began to feel very sick to my stomach.  Then mom began to feel really sick too.  I think something in the salad didn’t agree with us  😦 .  We ended up not feeling well enough to check out any of the other bakeries on our list.

I was really disappointed that we didn’t feel well enough to go to anymore bakeries!

I know one thing for sure, I am not going to be a vegan and I am not going to go to Sorelle ever again!

So I rate this bakery 1 out of 10, because the salad looked like it came from the grocery store, made me feel sick, and the dessert was way to sweet.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog!  Email me or comment to tell me if you have ever been to Sorelle before and your experience.  Stay tuned for more posts and reviews!  My mom said she will take me out to more bakeries soon (as soon as she stops turning green when she looks at food).


5 thoughts on “Review On Sorelle”

  1. Another great post! I live your haircut! I couldn’t answer yesterday because I was driving and out of data! Love you Grandma

    Sent from my iPhone Live,Love,Laugh and be thankful



  2. On one of your trips to Toronto you might like to find Moroco Chocolate. They are an incredible bakery and chocolate shop. They were in Yorkville but have recently relocated. The best macrons you will ever have. Don’t hesitate to ask for Kelly and tell her Roberta sent you. You won’t be disappointed. You can follow them on Instagram. Love the blog!


  3. Haven’t checked out your site for a while — you have lots of amazing temptations posted ! I will have to remember to keep more of an eye on your blog! Enjoy the snow – have a great day! Nanny…Dale


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