10 Tips For Good Baking

Here are 10 tips to get good at baking.

#1 Follow the recipe exactly.

#2 Grease and flour the pan before you pour the batter in the cake pan.

#3 Have a parent with you when you bake.  If you are old enough to bake alone, ask your parents first.

#4 Be VERY careful when putting things in and taking things out of the oven.

#5 Clean up as you go.

#6 Use exact measurements.

#7  Make sure that you use oven mitts when taking things out of the oven.

#8 Make sure your cakes, muffins, and cupcakes are done by sticking a skewer\toothpick into the middle and if it comes out clean it’s done.

#9  Make sure to have the oven rack that you are using is in the middle.

#10 Clean up the kitchen when you are done so that your mom doesn’t banish you from the kitchen. 😉

Bonus tip = Make sure you make extra so that your dad can eat it (my dad told me to add this one).

I hope these tips help you with your baking!  And thanks for checking out my blog!

Just remember, if I can bake, so can you! The only way to get good at baking is to practice! 🙂


3 thoughts on “10 Tips For Good Baking”

  1. Great job Ava. Your suggestions are right on.
    Something you could use to check to see if your baking is done is a spaghetti. Uncooked of course lol.


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